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IQUEGO and HMD Taiwan both signed contract of partnership

.The BOT press release of HMD Biomedical and the Brazilian state-owned IQUEGO

HMD Biomedical launches Brazil BOT project

HMD Biomedical, together with Brazil state-owned pharmaceutical enterprise Iquego, held a press conference on the 4th of June to publicly annouce its Brazil Blood Glucose BOT Project. The project will allow HMD Biomedical to provide blood glucose monitoring technology and products to the Brazilian public healthcare system for more than one billion blood glucose test strip each year under the IQUEGO-HMD co-brand business model.

The IQUEGO will be the first company in Brazil to manufacture glucometers.

The contract of Public Private Partnership (PPP).

witch enable production of the equipment has just been signed by Goias Government, through the Department of Health and Chemical Industry of Goiás S/A (Iquego), with the HMD Biomedical Taiwan.

Objective of the contract is transfer the technology to the IQUEGO for a production of glucometer; this is portable equipment used for measuring glucose in blood, and assists in daily diabetes monitoring.

Highlighting the importance of public laboratories for the country, during the signing ceremony held this afternoon at the Palace Pedro Ludovico, CEO of the IQUEGO, Mrs. Andrea Vecci,also said that this is the first PPP Iquego and through it, the IQUEGO will be the first company in Brazil to manufacture such equipment in the country.

The partnership between the IQUEGO and the HMD Taiwan Inc. shall be five years and produce glucose meters and also the strips for measuring blood glucose. During this period the company will receive in Goiáschinese technicians that will promote the internationalization of technology, including investments in Iquego.

From 2017 the glucometer will be produced in the Iquego, and according to Mrs. Andrea Vecci, will no cost to the State. "And furthermore we have the advantage of being able to market this product with other public entities without going through bidding processes," she says.

IQUEGO and HMD Taiwan both signed contract of partnership to produce glucose measurement devises in Goias state, Brazil

Mrs.Andrea Vecci also said that one of the current administration's goals is to innovate the portfolio of IQUEGO through Partnerships for Productive Development (PDP), with private companies that propose to transfer technology of its products, always in line with the policy Pharmaceutical Services of the Ministry of Health.


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