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Copper product

Nano Cupric Ion Medical Mask-BG-0.png

Nano Cupric Ion Medical Mask (Non-Sterile)

• Approval with EN 14683: 2019 With high bacterial filtration efficiency and high air permeability

• BFE Bacterial Filtration Efficiency >99.5%

Nano Curric Ion Medical Mask(3layer)2.png
Layer Material
Antimicrobial Copper Mask-BG-0.png

Antimicrobial Copper Mask

Antimicrobial Copper Mask_BK Blue.png

● High performance filter and like charges repel effect
   • Free of PM2.5 dust and germ, 99%
   • Excellent  PM2.5/germ barrier and air respiration
   • Tested by Intertek and TTRI

● Sustainable nano-composites microbialcide material
   • Continous anti-microbial activity

● Natural material and color
   • Earth and skin frienly
   • Copper is an essential trace element of human body

● High UV protection performance
   • Enjoy the sun safely

Copper product-BG-3.jpg

Copper Socks 

Copper Socks_5icon2-1.png
Copper Socks_5icon2-2.png
  • The whole pair of socks adopt high content of nano-copper composite Tencel that exceeds the products in the maket. It releases cuprous Cu+ continuously under warm and high humidity, effectively exerting antibacterial, anti-odor and deodorizing functions.

  • The Tencel yarn is better absorbent than cotton as well as softer than silk. It performs good comfort and breathability.  The socks improve the foot health to a better life!

Photo-toe socks_2-1.png
Photo-toe socks_2-2.png
Copper Socks_2-1.png
Copper Socks_2-2.png
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