IQUEGO and HMD BioMedical Inc. will start the partnership for 5 years to produce meters and test strips for Brazilian Public Market of Health. Print
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A parceria entre a Iquego e a HMD Taiwan Inc. será de cinco anos e produzirá glicosímetros e também as tiras para a aferição de glicemia.


The IQUEGO will be the first company in Brazil to manufacture glucometers. The contract of Public Private Partnership(PPP) witch enable production of the equipment has just been signed by Goias Government, through the Department of Health and Chemical Industry of Goiás S/A (Iquego), with the HMD Biomedical Taiwan.


Objective of the contract is transfer the technology to the IQUEGO for a production of glucometer; this is portable equipment used for measuring glucose in blood, and assists in daily diabetes monitoring.


Highlighting the importance of public laboratories for the country, during the signing ceremony held this afternoon at the Palace Pedro Ludovico, CEO of the IQUEGO, Mrs. Andrea Vecci,also said that this is the first PPP Iquego and through it, the IQUEGO will be the first company in Brazil to manufacture such equipment in the country.

這個下午,在Pedro Ludovico府裡進行的簽署儀式之時,IQUEGOCEO Andrea Vecci女士強調公家實驗室為國家帶來的重要性,並說明這是IQUEGO的首次開辦的PPP,並且經由此PPPIQUEGO將是巴西第一家在國內生產這種設備的公司。

The partnership between the IQUEGO and the HMD Taiwan Inc. shall be five years and produce glucose meters and also the strips for measuring blood glucose. During this period the company will receive in Goiáschinese technicians that will promote the internationalization of technology, including investments in Iquego.


From 2017 the glucometer will be produced in the Iquego, and according to Mrs. Andrea Vecci, will no cost to the State. "And furthermore we have the advantage of being able to market this product with other public entities without going through bidding processes," she says.

2017年起,血糖儀將會在IQUEGO園區內生產,據Andrea Vecci女士表示,不會為州政府帶來任何的成本。除此之外,我們還會有銷售這些產品到其他的公家機構的優勢,無須經由投標程序

Mrs.Andrea Vecci also said that one of the current administration's goals is to innovate the portfolio of IQUEGO through Partnerships for Productive Development (PDP), with private companies that propose to transfer technology of its products, always in line with the policy Pharmaceutical Services of the Ministry of Health.

Andrea Vecci女士還表示,目前的經營團隊的目標之一就是,藉由開發生產力之合作方式(PDP),創新IQUEGO的投資組合,與來自民營企業的產品技轉之提議,純粹是為附和衛生部的醫藥協助政策。

During the event, the governor Marconi Perillo (PSDB) recalled the importance of the strategic role of IQUEGO health of Goiás population since its creation during the government Mauro Borges in 1962, and recalled the production of low-cost medicines by Iquego when this production does not interest the major manufacturers of the private sector in the past, for example. "Iquego is one of the few companies in the country today responsible for producing four anti retroviral drug that makes up the framework of the anti cocktail AIDS in Brazil," he says.

在儀式期間,州長Marconi Perillo回憶說IQUEGO自從它創立起,也就是1962Mauro Borges政府期間,所扮演的策略角色在Goiania市民健康裡的重要性,還有由IQUEGO所生產的低價位藥物,以前這種方式並未引起民間大藥廠的意願,他舉例。”IQUEGO是一家國內少有的公司,在國內負責生產四種反逆轉錄病毒藥物用來調配抗禦愛滋病的藥

"This is an important step towards to the IQUEGO, maybe we can, in someday nearly, be here speaking of technological innovation created IQUEGO with fund financed by fostering research and the generation of new products. I wish that this is the first in a series of proactive meetings in order to transform this public laboratory in one of the country's largest, "he said.


The partnership will soon allow the transfer of advanced technology to the public sector of production of medicines in Goiás, already enables estimation of a target of achieving a market that reaches BRL 200 million per year, just within the next three years, according to Andrea Vecci.

這次合作將允許先進的技術,很快地移轉到GOIAS州內生產藥物的公家單位,據Andrea Vecci女士表示,在這短短的未來3年內,預估可達到每年2億元巴幣的市場價值的一個目標。

Through the partnership the government still estimateto generate 500 direct jobs in Goiás, as well as through the contract, the HMD Biomedical has a period of two years to set up a branch here in the state.

州政府預估,藉由這次合作,在GOIAS州內將造就500名直接員工的工作機會,同時也表示,HMD BioMedical也藉由這一份合約,在2年內將在州內設立一個子公司。

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